Here I am.

New York City. I can hear the sound of cars passing over the wet road, and some sort of shouting match is taking place across the street. Looking out my bedroom window I see big grayish buildings, lonely zig-zag fire escapes, and those flashing hands telling you to hurry up and get across the street. I'm made to feel guilty every time I say this, but I don't miss the trees. Back home in Western Massachusetts (a place I now refer to as "not Boston") there are trees everywhere. I spent an entire 25 years breathing in their oxygen, looking at their ever-changing leaves, and tripping over their giant roots sticking out of the ground. The fact is, New York is not the moon. My view also includes a median scattered with tulips and -believe it or not- trees! Needless to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the change of scenery. More often than not I hear people say that they hate change, but I happen to like it. I completely changed my life and even have a Taylor Swift song to go with it! I always imagined this move was going to be a lot more stress inducing, but so far I've been settling in just fine. Yeah, I've forgotten my keys at home after all of my roommates left for the day and I had to buy a new outfit, toothbrush, and Wet 'n' Wild makeup to get ready in a mall bathroom in order to be presentable for an appointment I was 20 minutes late for. Yes my shins, hips, and ankles are in more pain than ever from miles upon miles of walking. But, I happen to live in a huge apartment with three girls my age (not to mention the largest bedroom I've ever had). I successfully transported my two cats who seem more comfortable than ever in their SIXTH home with me. I also got hired at a salon in SoHo, exactly the neighborhood I was hoping to land in. So here I am, sitting with all of my puzzle pieces. I'm excited to see how they'll fit together, and I think it's cool to wake up excited again.